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Our organization is involved in numerous projects, few of them mentioned below.

Ek-Ehsas is a voluntary organization with the aim to empower the Transgenders “Kinnar”, Dalits, Women, Orphans & children, and to concentrate upon reformation and preventive care programmes.
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Programmes that promotes Self-Sufficiency, Welfare & Employment

At Ek-Ehsas we promote  innovative approaches for increasing economic self-sufficiency and reducing public assistance dependency, including rigorous evaluations of promising employment and training strategies. Studies address a variety of topics including alternative welfare-to-work strategies, career pathways and post-secondary training models, employment retention and advancement approaches, subsidized employment and job search strategies, and tests to understand the effects of employment coaching models. Many studies are designed and implemented in close collaboration with other offices and agencies. 


Ek-Ehsas offers counselling services in the community through well trained professional counsellors. Ek-Ehsas has been conducting a rigorous and comprehensive counsellor training besides providing counselling services to, Transgenders, Orphans, Children, Adolescents, Adults, Couples and Families. With the experience of past, the counsellors at Ek-Ehsas have conducted studies to develop such practices that are appropriately caricatured to Indian cultural context and changing societal realities.

What makes the Ek-Ehsas experience different is the respect that we have for the confidentiality of our family. (At Ek-Ehsas we call everyone our Family)



We offer the courses that are designed for professional development of persons interested in becoming self-reliance. Training in such areas is offered to individuals from any educational or professional background. We work with the schools and community to develop and implement effective guidance program for personal, social, academic and career-oriented growth of individuals and small groups. Which include building and promoting positive and nurturing atmosphere, we assist people from diverse culture, traditions and backgrounds. We coordinate guidance related programs, workshops and services alongwith communicates with agencies such as community services, public health and so on.


we work closely with all agencies be it Public or Private to assist elderly, children and Transgenders with their Health related issues.

Healthcare system and its avalability is the basic right of all individual inspite of religion, caste, creed, gender or color and so on.

We at Ek-Ehsas organize regular Health check up camps and distribution of free medicines.

Projects like free Clothes/ Blankets/Bedsheets distribution to the needy free of cost; Stationary for the underprivileged children, Flood relief efforts etc. are regularly undertaken. Covid-19 relief materials like, PPE Kits, Hand Gloves, Hand Sanitisers, Disinfectant Sprays,  Thermal Scanners etc. distributed to the underprivileged community especially food and nutrition for – migrants, pregnant women and children.


With an aim to spread awareness about the importance of Education, Knowledge, Employment, Healthcare and Social Awareness in Society, as the acronym suggests EK-Ehsas, we regularly conduct Awareness campaign with individuals and groups at “Mohalla” or “Basti” Level.

We at Ek-Ehsas strive to create awareness in Society and provide care for deprived and isolated community in need, serving them with a strong vision to continue through humanitarian efforts. This includes providing healthcare, education, shelter & Food. EK EHSAS,  wants this movement to spread across the country to join hands towards serving humanity.

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