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Our story starts way back in 2004, and we have been investing on welfare of the marginalised and deprived section of the society since then.

The idea was conceptualized by our president Saeed Ahmed in 2004, When he looked at the deprived, isolated & obliterated section of society like (“Anaath”) & Trans (“Kinnar”), he always wanted to be a helping hand for the needy.

Conceptualizing an idea, it is essential to ask questions like what is the problem that the idea solves, who is the beneficiary for the idea, does the idea solve the beneficiaries problems and how will the solution be delivered to the beneficiary. It is very important to direct the thinking to specific dimensions and search answers to certain questions that help in evolving the idea from the initial thought through the various stages of innovation.

About Us

EK EHSAS Non Governmental Organization is located in Delhi. EK EHSAS is registered as a Society with NGO unique registration ID ‘DL/2009/0006152’. The NGO registration is done by Registrar of Societies with registration number S/50047/2004 on the date 05-08-2004, Its parent Organization is Paul Foundation. The Chairman and Chief Functionary Officer of EK EHSAS is Saeed Ahmed, Senior Journalist and Social Activist.


EK EHSAS is an NGO founded by Sr. Journalist and Philanthropist, Saeed Ahmed. He has been working for Orphans & Trans since TWO DECADES. His dedication towards the welfare and rights of underprivileged LGBT community and Orphans drives him to for the initiative of EK EHSAS to help people. He is serving them with a strong vision to continue to serve the society through his humanitarian efforts. This includes providing healthcare, education, shelter & Food. With the help of EK EHSAS, he wants this movement to spread across the country to join hands towards serving humanity. EK EHSAS has helped numerous people across the country during and before Pandemic as well. The constant efforts of EK EHSAS is to raise awareness and provide care for deprived and isolated community in need.



Our vision is to serve deprived and isolated community like Orphans & Trans (“Kinnar”) to lead a respectable and rightful life with mainstream society by helping them access better quality education, providing career opportunities, arranging shelter and supporting healthcare.

Our mission is to transform deprived lives of Orphans (“Anaath”) & Trans (“Kinnar”) by empowering them with education, healthcare and career to evade inequity. A more inclusive, sustainable, and resilient efforts required the needy. We now together have a chance to deliver real change, because equality can’t wait.

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